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My priority is Whole, Fresh Foods

My priority is Whole, Fresh Foods as much as possible with an emphasis on vegetables and some fruits ( depending on blood work results). Adequate Protein intake is also important. Based on the results of the Chemical Panel, Lipid Panel etc. l determine Dietary Modifications. Following a Medical History I evaluate Dietary intake to decide on our initial starting point. My Goal is to start where the Client is most comfortable. I do pay particular attention to Protein Sources and Types of Fats ingested. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are beneficial as they are Anti- Inflammatory while Omega 6 Fatty Acids are Pro-Inflammatory. An imbalance of these fats can result in Chronic Disease. The Good Fats definitely need to be included. Total Calorie Intake is an important factor in achieving Optimal Health.

In my evaluation I look at LDL Cholesterol and especially Triglycerides as elevation is an independent risk factor for Heart Disease, looking for 150 mg/ dl or less for Triglycerides. Changes in Dietary intake as well as some loss of weight can dramatically improve this situation.

Classes will eventually be available in person or via Zoom; will also restart Weight Support Group. Another activity of mine is to take a Group to a local Restaurant, my favorite being the Pink House in Genoa because of its excellent choice of Whole, Fresh, Delicious Food and very gracious Staff. If special dietary needs are necessary I request modification without difficulty. I encourage my Clients to take a break and eat out, and I am available to assist with their choices and answer questions. It is important to choose the Restaurant carefully. My Goal is to introduce my Clients to tasteful, healthful, gourmet foods. It is possible to achieve and maintain optimal health and still enjoy an outing in an interesting restaurant. My emphasis is not Diets but rather Sensible, Nutritional Guidelines.

I am available for an Initial Visit by phone and Follow up Visits as necessary. I do not get involved with insurance. I am always available to answer questions or assist with your plan.

It is amazing to see the positive changes that can occur by adjusting Dietary intake. Nutrition Counseling is my Mission, assisting Clients to Optimal Health.

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